do you or someone you know need care and support?

If you or someone you know is struggling with daily tasks and looking after yourself or themselves maybe because of an illness, frailty or disability then you or they may need healthcare support. We welcome referrals from local authorities, social workers or individuals.  If you initiate a referral process as an individual then we will make a funding enquiry. If we do not have capacity we will let you know as soon as possible.

needs Assessment

We carry out a needs assessment  to  find  out the level of care you require and support you need. This will help us with producing a care plan. This assessment will look at things like:

  • the help you need such as with cooking, washing, shopping. Your preferences taken into account.
  • if any equipment is needed such as hoists, commode, slide sheets etc
  • if you take any medication
  • how often you need care
  • if there are any family needs
  • if you have any goals we should know about.


Once an assesment is completed will CHCS will confirm if  they will be able to place the person in their care otherwise we will give clear reason as to why we cant make placement.

Make a Referral

Use the form below to make a referral

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